Premiere Of STX Films’ “Adrift”

Yesterday (23), Stefanie arrives at the premiere of STX Films’ ‘Adrift’ at the Regal LA Live Stadium 14 in Los Angeles, California.


“First Light” First Clip

In the science fiction-thriller First Light, Sean (Théodore Pellerin) and Alex (Stefanie Scott) go on the run after Alex has a close encounter with mysterious orbs of light that leave her with extraordinary powers. As they flee from their families, the police, and a covert government agency, the pair find themselves at the center of an unprecedented event in human history: First contact. But as Alex’s powers grow stronger and more dangerous, Sean must decide whether staying with her and discovering the truth behind her transformation is worth dying for.

Stefanie Scott Live at SXSW Comcast Studio

“First Light” Premiere | SXSW

Stefanie attends the premiere of ‘First Light‘ during SXSW at Alamo Lamar on March 10, in Austin, Texas.


“First Light” March 10th

Stefanie tweeted on your twitter saying that FirstLight will be premiering March 10th at #SXSW in Austin.

Small Town Crime

I added the poster and one still from the movie “Small Town Crime“, and i also added the trailer of this movie. Check them out!



Stefanie plays a 15 yo prostitute whose dead body was found near the road by a detective

Latest Photoshoots Update 2017

I just added six photoshoots of Stefanie from 2017, you can check them by checking the pics below






Special Screening Of “Small Town Crime”

Stefanie attends a special screening of ‘Small Town Crime‘ at the Vista Theatre on January 10, in Los Angeles, California.

I’ve added 021 photos of Stefanie to the gallery. Check them out now!

New Owner

Hello! I am the new owner of Stefanie Scott Online , and my name is Victoria but you can call me Tori! I’ll be updating the gallery because there is still a lot of photo.

‘Mane Addicts’ Magazine Photoshoot

I have added 7 HQ photos of a photoshoot Stefanie did for Mane Addicts, check them below!

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